unicornbunny (vintage_air) wrote,

MAAD [Market of Artists and Designers] today with Sarah was pretty awesome. We had our portraits drawn, as shown above, for just eight dollars and about twenty minutes of our time. Approximately ten artists were busy sketching as we sat, posed. This was a personal favourite while Sarah picked another, but it was a fun experience. Also, I bought a cute lucky star lantern with a pretty Japanese print.
There was one other thing that really caught my eye though, the Polaroid land auto model 210!!! I've wanted a packfilm for quite a while but I was short of cash. I NEED TO EARN MONEY, but how? I cannot support my photography interests at all. Shooting and developing a roll of 35mm seeps half my allowance for the week, needless to say, Polaroid film costs more. I'm running low on Polaroid film too, just two pathetic shots left in the Sonar. :( Someone, hire me for some odd jobs, I'll clean your shoes, wash your hair, draw a portrait, brush your teeth!!! Or if you are really nice and feeling rich, I'll love you for eternity!

It's still so hard, two weeks and I am still crying. I won't be there tomorrow.
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